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Let's Get REEL on IG

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Still struggling to incorporate reels into your Instagram strategy?

Worry no more sis!

Secure your spot in the 6 part IG reels course and start engaging, connecting, and converting stranger into followers and buyers NOW!

❌You don't need to know how to dance
❌You don't even have to be in the reel in order to get thousands of views on your reels. (some of my most viral reels DON'T have me in them!)
❌You don't have to be some editing expert! (It's so much simpler than it looks!)

I had one boss babe post a reel with only 100 views and she made over $3k from that ONE reel in a matter of hours! (See pic below or above)
(Am I guaranteeing that this same thing will happen for you? NO! Because I made $600 from the marketing strategy I shared with her. You may make $300 or $30 but what I am guaranteeing is that if you apply the strategies I give for creating and incorporating reels into your marketing strategy, that you will DEFINITELY be monetizing your reels in no time.)

What you'll learn:
  • How to find ideas for reels
  • How to edit your reels
  • Dope transitions for any niche
  • How to make reels without you even being in them
  • How to plan your reels
  • How to batch a month worth of reels
  • What apps to use if you can't get music for your reels
  • A chance to attend the live advanced reels masterclass (If you can't make it the recording will be upload for future use)
  • The basics of reels (adding words, cutting, editing, etc.)
  • Access to FREE updates for advanced transitions and tricks. 
  • And YES...there's so much more!


So what you waiting on girl? Get in class now!


Please note: There are NO refunds on digital products. They are like panties. Once you take em home they are yours.