Kierra Sade

Attract Your Dream Customer Bootcamp (LIVE)

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Are you ready to learn how to attract the EXACT people who want your products, will pay the price for them without saying it "costs too much" and stop struggling with getting sells? 
Well boss, you're in luck! Grab yout ticket to this 3 day live bootcamp (held March 14-16th) as this is the most thorough and intensive training that you will find on discovering  who your target market is!
The truth is, you have great products and services, you've just been putting them in front of the WRONG people!
Let me know if this is you:
  1. Your sells are inconsistent af.
  2. You haven't made a sell yet at all!
  3. You make sells but you're ready to make the big bucks!
  4. You create content all the time but no one engages.
  5. You sit stuck in front of your phone trying to figure out what to post daily
  6. Your content is inconsistent af because you have no idea who you are talking to
  7. You say thing like your target audience is "black women ages 25-50" and that's all you know about them. 

If you answered YES to any of these and was looking to see if I was in your house then this bootcamp is for you! I'm gonna teach you EXACTLY how I was able to get in your brain like that...and how I know and attract my target audience so well.


I wanna teach you how I'm able to say the EXACT things to evoke emotion in my ideal client that gets them to buy even with out have a fancy ass landing page. (This is shopify that you are seeing this on btw.) 


Once the bootcamp is over you will have:

  • A clear understanding of EXACTLY who you serve.
  • A better understanding on what content to post.
  • A clear understanding on how to BEST serve your future and current clients
  • MORE sells!
  • Messaging that is CLEAR and concise!
  • Know the exact formula to be able to attract a gang of bosses who are willing and ready to buy and wondering where you have been all of their lives!
  • All the right words to say to get them to pull out their wallets.
  • But even better you will have them bugging you about when you are having your next drop!


If you wanna have drops that sell out like Mia Ray then you GOTTA learn the intricacies of who your target audience is. 


And it's not even hard!


I have a 5-step framework that's going to make it SUPER simple that you will hate me for not doing this earlier. 


If you want to be able to run ads SUCCESSFULLY you NEED to know who your ideal client is, how to attract them and stop CHASING the wrong people.


You looking like a desperate home wrecker who can't find a husband of her own! 


Just know it was never you sis it's always been your targeting. Don't delay... the price goes up daily! 


Everything from sales, to marketing, to content all flows from your targeting.


Targeting is like math. You can try to move on to the next grade but babyyy if you don't learn them multiplication tables yo ass is grass! Lol


Use sezzle or shop pay to check out now and break your payments into 4 interest free payments!


This is a choice you will thank yourself for years down the line! 


See you in klass!



Koach Ki!



Where is class?

Private FB Group (you will receive a link for access immediately after purchase) YOU MUST HAVE A FB page to access this training. The bootcamp will be held inside of the FB group. Access will be granted the day before training starts on Sunday March 13. Please answer ALL questions to be granted access. 


When is class?

Monday March 14, 2022 8p EST

Tuesday March 15, 2022 8p EST

Wednesday March 16, 2022 8p EST


Will the replay's be available if I can't attend?

The replay's will be left up for 30 day, because yall be buying stuff and not using it when you have unlimited access. 


Is there anything that I need to bring to be successful in this bootcamp?

Your full undivided attention!


If we are in The InstaBoss Society should we purchase this?

NO! This bootcamp is included in your membership! This will be your monthly training for March! DO NOT purchase this it's already included. I love you!