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Have you been struggling to grow your IG with quality followers that convert into buyers?


If so, keep reading...


I too was just like you not even a year ago...


I decided that I was gonna start a new business but I struggled to monetize because I was using my old personal page to try and do so. My old personal page has over 60k followers so I just knew I was gonna make money!


Lmaoooo NOTT! Those people were not my target audience and they didn't give two diddly squats about what I was trying to sell them therefore I didn't make a single dollar over there... so I did the thing I dreaded most, but knew I needed to do...


I started a NEW page! It took me two years to talk myself into starting this new page but I was tired of struggling and watching everyone else make money on IG when I knew that I could deliver 10 times the value that they were delivering. 


It started off kinda slow but I was extremely intentional  and strategic about the direction of my new page ....and what do you know?


...I grew to a whopping 232 followers in 2 months!


Lol doesn't sound like a lot hunh? 


Yeah I know but how does $1k in one day or $4k in 2 weeks sound? Lol..


That's how much I made just two months after starting my page from scratch and with only 232 followers and I've been teaching social media growth and monetization ever since. 


I have since been able to generate multiple 5 figure months and have grown to a whopping 6,500 followers in just under 10 months.


I even created a membership course called The InstaBoss Society™ that teaches you everything from A-Z that you need to know about organic IG growth and monetization. 


Oh because did I forget to mention that I did all of this without spending not one cent on any ads?


Yeah no ad spend over here baby!


This is the step that a lot of new entrepreneurs miss when attempting to grow and monetize, is the organic aspect and and in turn they end up wasting a LOT of money on ads because they never got to know and grow their audience organically FIRST!


Is this you right now?? Well not to fret that's what this challenge is all about. 


I wanted to be able to break any barriers of entry into The InstaBoss Society™ by taking out the first quarter and letting you have access at a discounted rate!


So yes, this challenge is actually a part of the first 4 of 16 weeks of The InstaBoss Society™ and I'm challenging you to take the challenge to learn how to not grow a large audience but a QUALITY audience.


An audience who are die hard ride or dies that are in love with you, your brand, and your products and are ready and willing to buy YOUR products. 


My teaching style is known for it's raw, simplistic, and entertaining method and being able to make it actually stick so that you see results and I'm ready to help you transform your business!


Let me take the guess work out of IG growth for you!


When you are done implementing this challenge you will:

  • Have a super targeted and engaged audience
  • Have a platform filled with an audience that is ready to buy
  • Have a solid strategy for intentional growth  
  • Learn how to be friend's with the algorithm not enemy's

Wondering what you will get... well let me tell you:

  • My 3 secrets to growth that guarantees results
  • 28 days of easily digested instructions telling you every step you need to take to achieve the ultimate growth. 
  • BONUS Worksheets & Checklists to help you implement the weekly lessons.
  • A portal with yearly access so you can do the challenge every month if you'd like.
  • Access to timely updates as the algorithms change
  • Access to a private community of boss women on the same mission as you for support
  • A self paced curriculum that you can implement at your leisure so you will never fell behind
  • Popup workshops
  • And so much more!


Who is this challenge for?

  • The boss that's ready to put in the work to build something they can make an impact and income from right from their phone.
  • The new entrepreneur who is sick and tired of guessing about how to use social media and just wants a step by step frame work.
  • The boss that isn't new to IG but just can't figure out why they aren't growing or better yet monetizing.  
  • This challenge is for beginners into the entrepreneurial journey who want to learn how to build a profitable IG for scratch to promote and market their products.

Who this challenge is NOT for:

  • Those who think this is an overnight miracle.
  • Those who want me to do the work for them.
  • Those who are information hoards and won't implement what is being taught. 

How does this work?

Once a week for 4 weeks content will be dripped to you. You are to implement the content for that weeks content before moving on.

In order to keep you on track and not skipping ahead, all other content will be unlocked by the completion of the previous content.


At the end of each week you will be asked to screenshot and submit your homework into the FB group for accountability, support, and critique. 




 I haven't started my business will this help me?

This challenge was made for you. One of the first things you MUST do, in order to be successful as a biz owner in ANY industry is to build an audience of buyers first, or you will be launching to crickets and in turn make no sells!

Will this work for me?

The question isn't a matter of "will this work for me" it's more or so, will YOU work for IT! Because you will get all the tools you need but if you don't use them they can't work.

Do I need to start a new page or can I use my old one?

Inside the course you will get a checklist to determine if it's best that you start a new page or if you can revive your current page. 

Will I have access to Coach Kierra?

Coach Kierra will be active throughout the FB and available to answer questions M-Th (10a-5pm). She will also be hosting a weekly Q&A where you can bring your questions times and days will vary and are TBA. 

What tools do I need?

You will need an Instagram, a phone, some wifi, a coachable mindset, some patience, a commitment to yourself, and a supportive attitude to support the other boss sisters on the same journey as you. 

Can I get in the entire InstaBoss Society course?

Absolutely but you can only get access to the InstaBoss Society via this challenge. This challenge is the prerequisite to ensure that you have to the proper framework and foundation in place to get the maximum benefit from The InstaBoss Society. Once you have made your purchase you will have the opportunity upon sign in to join The InstaBoss Society at 50% OFF!

How long is this challenge?

This challenge is a long or as short as you make it. Content will be dripped for 4 weeks. You can repeat it as much as you would like to continue to grow your Instagram.

When does it start?

The challenge starts at the 1st of every month. Content will start to drip on the 1st of the month or 7 days after you log into your portal. You are welcome to join whenever you'd like though to get in the FB group and start networking and creating relationships. 

When does it end?

Again, it ends when you are ready for it to end. I have grown to love to play the game of Instagram so I enjoy doing it and don't plan on stopping for a very long time. Once you have grown to your desired goals you won't have to put as much work into growing as you once did. So this all depends on you and your goals. 

What happens after purchase?

After purchase you will immediately be sent a PDF with a short instructional video and link to click to gain access into your learning portal as well as access into to the FB group.

(Please allow 24-48 hours to gain access into the FB group as we have to ensure that everyone who is requesting access is supposed to be there. Please answer ALL questions or your access will be denied.)